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With over 1500 genera and 23000 species , the daisy family is known as the largest family of flowering plants!

The Daisy is pretty and versatile. Daisies are hugely popular too! There is a wide range of plants belonging to the Daisy family or Compositae (Asteraceae).There are annuals, perennials, shrubs and even trees. Some are hardy while others are tender. In fact, everybody should be able to find a plant to their taste within this huge family! Some well known plants like Osteospermum, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera and Calendula belong to the Daisy family. Some are less common, such as Tithonia, Inula and Xeranthemum. Just use the Daisies A to Z menu at the top of this page and click on the daisy of your choice.

Hopefully this website will inspire gardeners from all over the world to grow and enjoy some of these lovely daisies.

Gerber daisy

Featured Daisy: Gerbera

One of the most striking and most popular daisy is without doubt the gerbera. These typical daisies originate from Africa, hence their common name African Daisies. Read more about this lovely plant on our gerbera page.

The Gerber daisy in the garden

Gerberas in the Garden

Gerberas make lovely garden plants. Although they are not fully hardy they will make a lovely display in the summer border. Enjoy the lovely range of colours to choose from! They are available in the garden centres and DIY stores.

The Gerber daisy in the Home

Gerberas in the Home

The gerbera is a very popular cut flower. They chear up many homes with their brightness and beauty. They are often used in bridal bouquets. The colour range to choose from is substantial. The contrasting colours of the central disc often stand out and make the flower even more appealing.

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