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I'm Liz from Essex in the UK. I love flowers and daisies are my favourites. I have no horticultural background, I'm just passionate about flowers and I love to visit the beautiful gardens in England! I also love flower photography and creating websites. All these hobbies together have resulted into the Daisy Paradise website!


By Rob Lang

Spring is now with us at last. Our greenhouses are crammed full of our favourite daisy plants ‘Osteospermums’. Another month and we’ll be able to start planting them out. Can’t wait! We’ve been growing, collecting and breeding Osteospermums for almost 20 years now. During this time there has been such a rapid growth […]

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That Pretty April Daisy

By Mary Ann Perry

“Without the bed her other faire hand was
On the green coverlet; whose perfect white
Show’d like an April daisy on the grass,
With pearly sweat, resembling dew on the night.”
— Shakespeare, from The Rape of Lucrece

Daisy is the April herb specified by the English Herbal Calendar. To the English, the most common daisy […]

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photograph of Dahlia Duet by Susan Law

By Susan Law

Do you want to stop traffic? Would you like a floral fantasy that becomes a neighbourhood landmark? Can you imagine fresh cut flowers gracing your dining table daily? You can enjoy the show-stopping flood of gigantic, breathtaking blooms by planting Dahlias.

A new garden at the front […]

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Daisy Paradise welcomes all Daisy Lovers!

Welcome to the Daisy Paradise Website. The brand new website has just gone online! The old site was a bit outdated and now we’ve moved into the modern age with this new site. One of the new features is the Daisy Blog. If you’re a daisy lover: it will be fun to get in touch […]

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