Daisy Paradise welcomes all Daisy Lovers!

Welcome to the Daisy Paradise Website. The brand new website has just gone online! The old site was a bit outdated and now we’ve moved into the modern age with this new site. One of the new features is the Daisy Blog. If you’re a daisy lover: it will be fun to get in touch with daisy lovers around the world.
This is the very first post on the new blog. Hopefully many more will follow soon! Please let us know what you think about the new site! Any feedback is always welcome!

There are a huge amount of species in the daisy family. This is wonderful news for the daisy lover, as it means that there will be more and more daisies added to this site in the future. Most photographs on this site belong to Daisy Paradise. However, there are also a few stunning pictures from other photographers. Especially of daisies that are not grown in this part of the world. (Daisy Paradise is based in the United Kingdom).

The picture on this page is of a lovely daisy flower called Zinnia. This red variety is called Zinnia Profusion Cherry. Hope you like it!
Zinnia is native to Mexico, Central America, and Southwestern U.S. There are about 20 species of Zinnia. Many varieties have been developed from the well known garden Zinnia (Zinnia elegans). Zinnias are available in many bright colours and the flowers flowers can be single as well as double. The genus is named after German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn (1727–59). He was actually into Orchids, which are also lovely, but don’t belong to the daisy family. So, unfortunately no Orchids on this website! 🙁

Daisy Paradise has recently started a Facebook Page. If you are a daisy lover and would like to be kept informed about daisies on a regular basis, why not join? Here is the link:
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Enjoy your stroll through Daisy Paradise!