Daisy Botany: composite flower head

Daisy Botany

On the Daisy Botany page the flower head of the daisy is at the centre of attention.
The Daisy family is also called the Compositae family. The word Compositae indicates that the flower is really a composition of several different parts that together form the lovely daisy flower.
Although the structural qualities of some daisy plants, like foliage and texture, can be quite interesting, we must agree that the flower head is thought of as the most attractive part of the daisy. A variety of insects are attracted to the lovely colours and scent of the flower head.

The central disc is situated in the middle of the flower.
Inside the central disc are tiny little flowers which are the disc florets.
The petals around the central disc are called the ray florets or rays.

Sometimes the heads lack ray florets. Echinops (Globe Thistle) is an example of this.

Bees on Globe Thistles

Bees on Globe Thistles