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Achillea millefolium

Common Names: Yarrow, Field Hop, Milfoil, Woundwort (A. millefolium). A completely new concept in hardy perennials. Easy to grow, flowering in just 4 months from sowing and producing lots of flowers from spring to first frosts. This perennial plant is very common and can be found all over the world in waste places, fields, pastures, meadows, and along railroad embankments and roadsides. Height: 60-80 cm. (= 2-3 ft) The flowers and leaves are used for different purposes: see below under Properties & Uses.

More Information:

Listed below are some more categories describing this particular daisy plant.

Plant in well-drained soil of low fertility in a sunny position. Rich soil and inadequate sun make the stems flop easily. Staking is recommended for tall species. Achillea needs dead heading to prolong flowering. It is drought tolerant.
Common Yarrow has fern-like foliage and can be used as cut flowers. Flowers can be used fresh or dried. Suitable for border, pots, containers and even windowboxes, or as a flowering pot plant. Achillea is used as a wound medicine and tea made of yarrow is used for stomach problems. It’s also used in bitters and vermouth and it has antibacterial properties. It has also been proven to be a mosquito repellent.
Flowers from June to October, so from spring up until the first frosts. It’s suitable for the medium border and grows to a height of approximately 60-80 cm (= 2-3 ft).
The colour range is too wide to describe but includes white, cream, butter, lemon, all imaginable shades of salmon, pink, orange, red, plus mustard, ochre, bronze, grey and beige, in fact, almost the complete spectrum of pastels!
Achillea doesn’t mind the cold and is fully hardy. USDA Hardiness zones: 3-10.
It’s fast growing and attractive for wildlife for nesting and feeding. It’s rather tough and hardy.