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Ageratum Blue Mink

Ageratum houstonianum

The commonly cultivated species is the Mexican A. houstonianum. The common names are Floss Flower, Mexican Paintbrush, Bluemink, Blueweed and Pussy Foot.

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Listed below are some more categories describing this particular daisy plant.

Plant in well-drained, fertile and moist soil in sun or partial shade. The flower stems need dead heading to prolong flowering.
Ageratum is also thought of as a herb and the root, the leaves and even the whole plant are used as such. The leaves of Ageratum conyzoides are squeezed into a juice that’s used for epilepsy and applied onto wounds. The whole plant is also used as an insect repellent after the plant has been dried and ground into a powder.
This flowering annual is best used in edging or borders of beds, but can also be grown in containers.
They flower from May through to October.
The height of the dwarf varieties is approximately 6 to 8 inches (=15 to 20 cm), whereas the main species can reach a height of up to 2 ft (= 60 cm).
Ageratum has blue, lavender, pink, or white flower heads.
Ageratum houstonianum is a half hardy annual in hardiness zone 8 and won’t survive severe frosts.
The flowers are fluffy and very fragrant and will attract bees and butterflies. Ageratums are very easy to grow.