Project Description

Erigeron annus

The common name is Fleabane. There are more than 150 species of Erigeron making it into a very large genus. Most species are herbaceous perennials, although some are annual (E. annuus = annual Fleabane) or biennial (E. philadelphicus).

Erigeron karvinskianus ‘Profusion’ is very suitable for rock gardens and will grow in small cracks. It looks a bit like a lawn daisy, but much prettier. The flowers are white when they open and then change to pink and then to purple.
Another wellknown species is Erigeron glaucus, which is also known as the Beach Aster. As the common name suggests, it is suitable for coastal areas as it is very salt-tolerant. The flowering period is from late spring to midsummer. The flowers have lilac to violet ray florets and a yellow centre.

Erigeron aurantiacus is a dwarf species that has semi-double, orange flowerheads.

There are quite a few garden hybrids that have been derived from species like E. speciosus, E. aurantiacus and E. glaucus. One of these hybrids is shown on the picture above. It is called ‘Dimity’ and was raised by Alan Bloom from Norfolk, England. Other Erigeron hybrids raised by Alan are called ‘Dignity’ and ‘Charity’.