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Olearia scilloniensis

Olearia x scilloniensis is an evergreen shrub of compact and rounded habit with grey leaves. It’s smothered in small white daisy-like flowers during the summer starting as early as May. It can grow up to 2 meters (6.5 ft) high. The common names are: Daisy Bush, Daisy Tree and New Zealand Holly. Olearia is hardy in average winters. The approximately 130 different species of the Daisy bush are mostly found in New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea. Olearia arborescens is quite common in New Zealand. It is also referred to as common tree daisy. Also found in New Zealand is Olearia macrodonta which can also grow into a small tree. It can reach a height of up to shrub to 6 metres. It is also called New Zealand holly, although it has nothing in common with a holly tree. In New Zealand itself it’s mainly referred to as mountain holly or arorangi.

There are quite a few cultivated species, some of which are hardy while others are more tender. Olearia x haastii is one of the most popular hardy types, whereas Olearia x scilloniensis is one of the less hardy species. Olearia does very well in coastal areas as it tolerates the salty winds. It’s also often used as a hedging plant.

More Information:

Listed below are some more categories describing this particular daisy plant.

Plant in well-drained, sandy or chalky soil in a sunny position. It is drought tolerant.
The smaller varieties can be grown in containers. The growth of Olearia is fast and the plants are often used as hedging and as a wind break in coastal areas. The evergreen foliage gives it some winter interest.
Flowers in spring and early summer (May to June).
It can grow to a height of approximately 50-180 cm (= 2-6 ft).
The flowers are white on silver grey foliage.
Some species are quite hardy and others are less hardy. Tip: When buying always read the label carefully to make sure the variety is hardy in your area. Generally USDA Hardiness Zone: 9 to 10.
Some varieties can be quite tough and hardy. Very suitable for dense hedging in coastal areas. Olearia x scilloniensisis also suitable for ground cover. The maintenance of Olearia is easy. It can be used as an architectural plant in the garden border.