Propagation of gazanias

Propagation Page

From here you can navigate to the different pages describing the propagation methods that are generally used to multiply daisy varieties. Many daisies can be propagated by several methods, so you can choose which method suits you best.

Gazanias are very colourful tender perennial daisies and they can be propagated by several propagation methods. Try growing them from seed in spring or take softwood cuttings from the gazania plants in your garden or containers. It is best to take softwood cuttings in spring or summer.

It is very rewarding to create your own new plants using the propagation methods described on this website. It’s great fun too! It’s usually quite easy to propagate plants yourself. The Daisy Paradise website also gives advise when problems occur with the propagation of your daisies. There is usually a very plausible explanation when the young plants suddenly don’t look healthy or seem to be dying. The propagation pages explain what might have gone wrong. There is also advise on how to resolve the problems.