Senecio can be propagated by semi ripe cuttings

Semi Ripe Cuttings

When to take Semi Ripe Cuttings:

Semi ripe cuttings are best taken in mid- to late summer. Semi ripe cuttings are used to propagate shrubs.

How to take Semi Ripe Cuttings:

The shoots have to be woody at the base, although the tips are soft. The shoots must be new shoots from the current season. They can be taken as a nodal cutting or as a heel cutting.

Nodal cutting: This is taken from a side shoot just below a node. The cutting should be approx. 10-15 cm long (4-6in). Always use a sharp knife.

Heel cutting: This is a shoot that is attached to the main stem. It can be gently pulled off, taking off a bit of bark of the main stem at the same time. Trim the heel using a sharp knife.

Remove the lower pairs of leaves. Dip the base of the cutting into hormone rooting powder (shake off any excess). Put the cuttings into pots or trays of compost. Don’t put them too close together. The leaves mustn’t touch each other.
Keep them in a greenhouse or cold frame. They can also be kept in a propagator where they will root quicker.

Problems with Semi Ripe Cuttings

There can be two reasons for this:
  • It could be that the cutting has been over watered. Make sure to water sparingly.
  • The cutting could be suffering from stem rot fungi. Make sure the water butt is cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis or use clean tap water instead.
The hormone rooting powder wasn’t effective. Make sure the rooting powder isn’t too old and keep the powder in a cool place or refrigerator.

Daisies that can be grown by Semi Ripe Cuttings:

  • Brachyglottis
  • Cassinia
  • Olearia
  • Santolina
  • Senecio
  • Venidio